Monday, March 31, 2014

Morbius #05 Cover Process



Color Sketch.

Final Sketch.

Inked (line held for BG characters).
Final color.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Captain Marvel #01 Review

Carol's back.
So, YES! Captain Marvel #1 is finally out and the reviws are quite good, read them all!

(The rules are these, I copy ALL the links to reviews, good or bad,  I find in the ten first pages of google in my computer.)

• Paperdroids.
• Comix Connection.
• CBR.
• IGN.
• Science Fiction.
• Weekly Comic Review.
• Crave on line.
• Shadowhawk's shade.
• Comicosity.
• Too dangerous for a girl.
• Multiversity Comics.
• Kabooooom.
• Nerdist.
• Word of a nerd.
• We the nerdy.
• Alpha Comics.
• Silver Snail.
• Rhymes With Geek.
• The Stake.
• Major Spoilers.
• Bag&Bored.
• Nerds on the rocks.
• Nerds unchained.
• Nerdlocker.

• Geek retreat.
• Eat Geek Play.
• Talking comics.
• Geeked out nation.
• Fantastic Fangirls. 
• Panels and Pixels.
• Drunk on comics.
• Scifi Pulse.
• Laughing place.
• Following the nerd.
• Comic Vine.
• Super Hero Hype.
• Agents of guard.
• Comic Spectrum.
• Outright Geekery.
• Henchman for hire.
• Go collect. 
• Chuck's comic of the day.
• Newsarama.
• Newsarama.
• Comic List.
• Comics Refueled. 
• Adventures in poor taste. 
• Good Reads. 
• Comic Box. 
• The Pop Cultist. 
• G33king out. 
• 13th Dimension. 
• The collective examples of nerdery. 
• Geek Hard Show. 
• G33kpron.
• Time wants a skeleton. 
• Comic Frontline.

• The mighty blog. 
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• Comic Codes Blog. 
• All about books and comics. 
• Pop culture maven. 
• The daily planet. 
• X-Men Xpert. 
• The founding fields.

I've found at Comic Book Round Up a list of most of them from better to worse… Next time I'll post their work and just… read…

Monday, March 24, 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014

Morbius #03 Cover Process

 This was my first gig as a cover artist, working only on the cover of a book, not the insides. It was quite cool since I had the chance to learn a lot about design and what works and what doesn't in a cover. Sana Amanat (the editor) is a fighter and she doesn't accept something she doesn't like, sometimes it's a bit frustrating, but at the end of the day the results are better. Thank you, Sana, for pushing me further!


Inked final piece.

Color stage, with fight!
Final piece.

Published piece.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Summer in Famara

Hola, amigos.

After these first months working with my Cintiq I've learned a lot of stuff, until now I wast just replicating the way I worked on paper but things are going to change.

Here a pinup I did to check some color techniques I had in mind.
*The design of the longboard is by Aleix Gordo.

(A few process stills too.)