There are times when you have to choose a side, now is one of those times.

Here's the background.

April 11th Janelle Asselin in her CBR section dissected why one particular cover was incorrect.

So far so good, the problem came when some readers of the article reacted with very bad maners. You can agree more or less with Asselin's opinions, you can be acid or rough or use a harsher prose, that's more than all right, but what you can't do is insult and threaten and even make threats of rape.

That cannot be allowed, by anyone. You can't justify that. It's wrong.

The underlying problem in this whole story is that there is a reservoir of immobile machismo that does not want to accept the fact of the entry of women into the world of comics , as professionals or as readers. It's a fact , women want to read comics and comics have to adapt to this new reality. It's good that comics adapt to women.

Selflishly, with women buying comics the potential audience is doubled, with women drawing comics the diversity of views is doubled and the male teenage geek (I talk about the teenage me) now will have something to talk about with girls. It's all possitive.

In short, I can't understand why somebody won't want to share his comics with the girls.

I'm with you, Janelle.

P.S.: My first gig in American industry? Bobbie Chase gave it to me, a woman. My first ongoing? Lysa Hawkins gave it to me, a woman. The editor who oppened me the door to Marvel and to X-Men? Jeanine Schaefer, a woman. My current editor? Sana Amanat, a woman. Who's writing the books I'm drawing today? Kelly Sue DeConnick, a woman. All of them people with great taste (they chose me), with huge wisdom and first class geeks, more than me! Women are in comics already, that's a fact, and that's good.

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The rape threats appeared at the same time when all the cover "affais" was taking place in the online survey regarding harassment in comics she's running. Details and a propper chronology in this article by Heidi MacDonald.