Captain Marvel #01 Review

Carol's back.
So, YES! Captain Marvel #1 is finally out and the reviws are quite good, read them all!

(The rules are these, I copy ALL the links to reviews, good or bad,  I find in the ten first pages of google in my computer.)

• Paperdroids.
• Comix Connection.
• CBR.
• IGN.
• Science Fiction.
• Weekly Comic Review.
• Crave on line.
• Shadowhawk's shade.
• Comicosity.
• Too dangerous for a girl.
• Multiversity Comics.
• Kabooooom.
• Nerdist.
• Word of a nerd.
• We the nerdy.
• Alpha Comics.
• Silver Snail.
• Rhymes With Geek.
• The Stake.
• Major Spoilers.
• Bag&Bored.
• Nerds on the rocks.
• Nerds unchained.
• Nerdlocker.

• Geek retreat.
• Eat Geek Play.
• Talking comics.
• Geeked out nation.
• Fantastic Fangirls. 
• Panels and Pixels.
• Drunk on comics.
• Scifi Pulse.
• Laughing place.
• Following the nerd.
• Comic Vine.
• Super Hero Hype.
• Agents of guard.
• Comic Spectrum.
• Outright Geekery.
• Henchman for hire.
• Go collect. 
• Chuck's comic of the day.
• Newsarama.
• Newsarama.
• Comic List.
• Comics Refueled. 
• Adventures in poor taste. 
• Good Reads. 
• Comic Box. 
• The Pop Cultist. 
• G33king out. 
• 13th Dimension. 
• The collective examples of nerdery. 
• Geek Hard Show. 
• G33kpron.
• Time wants a skeleton. 
• Comic Frontline.

• The mighty blog. 
• Comic book revolution. 
• Ain't it cool news. 
• God hates geeks. 
• Deadshirt. 
• Comic Codes Blog. 
• All about books and comics. 
• Pop culture maven. 
• The daily planet. 
• X-Men Xpert. 
• The founding fields.

I've found at Comic Book Round Up a list of most of them from better to worse… Next time I'll post their work and just… read…


  1. Thanks for mentioning Paper Droids! :)

  2. I'm sorry, but it wasn't voluntary, it's in the rules! If you're on the first pages of reviews in Google then I put a link. I have to be legit.

    But anyway, thank you for reviewing it, I'm glad that you liked it.


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