See you in Avilés!

Avilés is one of the most extraordinary conventions in the circuit, the one with the best ratio visitors/authors, it's about the nice things in comics, about knowing people and being relaxed living comics for one week.

There's always time and opportunity to have a conversation with your favorite author, either you're a professional or a visitor, really, it's a MUST.

I'll be attending from Thursday evening till Sunday, and this year I'll take my portfolio to sell (or just see) art and first time ever, accepting commissions!

If you're going to be there and you're interested in any specific page, ask me directly through my email (in the profile).

If you want a commission, it's easy, one figure, A4 size (letter), smooth paper (I provide) marker render, 50,00€. Again, you can reserve through email.

This is how I render with markers.