Wednesday, May 9, 2012

X-Men Pin Up: Process

Well, there's no need to say too much about this, isn't it?

Rough sketch.
Inked, with a Pilot Pen.

Clean, with the CGI floor.

Blue pencil work in final board.

... see it better here.

Ink in process.

Finished ink.

Finished ink in Line Art Mode.

Flat colors.

Colors with volumes.

A few layers of filters.

More filters...

Finished work.

Finished work, the day after.
Final art, published.


  1. Wow, genial. Me recuerda mucho a los X-Men de Germán García, pero un paso más allá.

  2. me alegro mucho que estés en X-men!! Gran Trabajo!! En Alicante nos seguimos acordando de ti ¡Un abrazo!