Cover by Jorge Molina
Word is out!

I'm happy and proud to communicate that I'll be working on X-Men with no less than Brian Wood, one of my favorite writers in the biz.

What are you waiting for, go ask for your X-Men #30!

More info here.

(Isn't this a great #100 post?)


  1. Ya podías avisar de estas cosas eh

  2. Claro que las aviso, salen en el Blog, en el Twitter y en el Facebook!

    ¿Te parece poco avisar?

    Ay, pobre... que quiere que le llame


  3. Y además, es un cansino y lo manda a listas de correo, por sms a toda su agenda, sale a la calle gritandolo semidesnudo y te lo cuenta al oido en esas noches románticas.

    Enhorabuena, David.

  4. Dave, first congratulations on your X-Men gig!

    Secondly, could you draw Psylocke in her new X-Force uniform? We are all so tired of the same old bathing suit she's been wearing since 1989, while everyone else gets new uniforms on a regular basis.

    Jerome Opeña updated her uniform in Uncanny X-Force, but in X-Men she's still wearing the old suit. Can you do something about it? :)

    Thanks! Can't wait to see your art!

  5. Thank you for your compliments, Butterfly!

    I'm sorry to disagree with you, but I like that '89 uniform, I think it's really cool and it works actionwise.

    Plus, and don't get me wrong, I don't see that many differences from Opeña's design, maybe the headband? Maybe you mean one I haven't seen yet. Maybe it's more a question of how wonderfully he makes it work, don't you think?

    However, changing suits is something a bit too far from my work competences.

  6. Hey David! Thanks for your reply!

    The '89 uniform doesn't bother me to be honest, but it's just that it's so dated, and all the other X-Men keep getting new uniforms all the time. I just saw your cover for "X-Men" here: http://i486.photobucket.com/albums/rr230/rscida86/davelopezxmen.png And it looks like you designed a new uniform for Storm. Not to mention the 'thong' that bothers a lot of people as well.

    Here's Opeña design that Betsy is currently wearing in X-Force: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-irZNy0rPOmk/TwFMRiE0lnI/AAAAAAAABPg/x6jBSL3a-go/s1600/22-PsylockeLikeAButterfly-DarkAngelSaga.png What I like about it it's just basically the same and very Psylocke-ish, but with a modern twist to it. It's good to see Betsy in pants for a change. haha

    Anyway, I apologize for bothering you. I can't wait to see you do your magic on my fav character! I absolutely loved this cover. Can't wait too see in good quality!

    My very best, mr. Lopez!

    1. Oh, I see what you mean...

      It's good to know, thank you!

  7. Just seen some of the previews for your up and coming work--it's brilliant, again, you have managed to exceed my expectations. I hope you're on this title for a LONG while to come.

  8. So do I,

    I hope I can fulfill all the expectations.


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