Work process for a Cover

I found a few minutes to share the doodles I use to give shape an illustration.

I wanted an image to use as a cover for Spanish fanzine Thermocero (and print or postcard or something) with Alicia one of the girls of Espiral, something really versatile. My idea was something with that girl, in cold colors, to scape from my usual purple-yellow-kiwi-orange color scheme. Something simple but with an air of fascination.

I doodle in the first piece of paper I find close the the drawing board:
This is a discount card for a bookstore. First ideas
The idea starts to take shape...
But finally I don't find it (front and back a bill badly printed).

The best thing you can do when you're blocked is let the ideas grow by themselves. In this case, the idea of the swimming pool came swiftly and I just needed a couple of doodles to get to the final shape.

Again in the back of a paper sheet to recycle.
While researching how water works I found this picture, Alice in Wonderland is what I needed! (Alicia is the name of the character, remember?)

In the penciling stage, I saw that the fluttering dress wasn't working and researched something that could work, Wonderland related of course.

I found this print and the lizard triggered the idea. I love the idea of sea iguanas so I used it without hesitation. The idea of hers swimming with the Cheshire cat was delicious but I can't imagine that poor beast swimming. Well... maybe next time.

Then I printed the rough sketch to the final paper. Since it's a personal thing I don't need to send final pencils so I ink directly.

Here the final art.

First color version (my version).
It's always good to show your stuff to people you trust, they see things you don't. Here the head of the iguana messed with the girl's hip and the idea needed a final twitch.

Second color version.
A bigger jaw for the iguana and a pair of funny glasses fixed the whole thing.

Third color version.
Since we were having fun with the Wonderland thing we pushed it a bit further... Maybe a bit too far, yes... Good thing of computers is that you always can go back.

Fourth and final (by now) color version.
Finally another couple of eyes suggested that the upper reflection wasn't working very well, better get rid of it.

Hope you like it as much as I do!