Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Expocomic 2011 signing schedule

Do you want your sketch? Your book signed?

Just go to Madrid this weekend and visit Expocomic:

7.00 PM - 8.30 PM Main stage.

8.00 PM - 9.00 PM Main stage.

12.30 AM - 1.30 PM Main stage.
6.00 PM - 7.30 PM Workshop.

See you there!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Great poster by the great Emile Bravo.
Next weekend, on the very first days of December I will be to the International Comics Convention of Madrid, Expocomic. It's a great place with great people and with the perfect size to get to meet your favorite artists.

Do you want me to sign a book? Maybe a sketch? I'll be there.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Don't forget to order your Mystic TPB

Cover from Mystic #1
I received recently a very nice email from Mike Hansen with a great review for all four issues of Mystic that I strongly recommend you to read, in his blog:

All day Comics.

Let me share his last paragraph:
The Mystic trade-paperback collection of this four-issue story can be preordered from comics shops and online now, and I urge you to give it a shot. If you like good comics, buy Mystic. If you know a girl ages 10-30 who likes a good story (especially fantasy like Harry Potter), buy Mystic for her (and for yourself). This is a comic that deserves support, so we can see more good comics like this. I want more Mystic, Marvel. Make it happen. (And keep these books in print! These can be long-term steady sellers that deserve to find their audience.)

Remember to order it NOW, it's going to be worth the money.

Penciled by DAVID LOPEZ
Eisner Award-nominated writer G. WILLOW WILSON (Air, Superman, Cairo) and superstar artist DAVID LOPEZ (HAWKEYE/MOCKINGBIRD, Catwoman) join forces to bring you the story of two seemingly ordinary orphan girls whose lives are turned upside down by magic. One of them will find herself responsible for saving the world - and the other will become her mortal enemy! Collecting MYSTIC (2011) #1-4.
96 PGS./Rated T+ ...$14.99
ISBN: 978-0-7851-5608-6
From but you can order it from your favorite comic book store.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reviews: Mystic #4

The last issue, it's sad, but I'm SO proud of how it finally looked like. A big thank you to all the team!
G.Willow Wilson: Script.
Álvaro López: Inks.
Nathan Fairbairn: Colors.
Jared K. Fletcher: Letters.
Amanda Conner: Covers.
Jeanine Schaeffer: Editor.

and a special thank you for Jody Lehup: Assistant Editor.

Comics! the Blog, and Chasing Sheep write about all four issues.

In Playback: stl they liked the art quite much as they say in ACB.

Bretzke at PDX Comic Geek complains because it was a too short run, like in Comic Hero News.

Patrick Shand says I'm "an absolute kick-ass artist", thank you.

A cool one too from Read/RANT:
David and Alvaro Lopez are turning in fantastic work on this title, creating distinct characters, elaborate fashions and an ornate, lovely fantasy setting.  Colorist Nathan Fairbairn is also doing an exceptional job, his soft color palate giving the book a unique, memorable look.

And a curious podcast here, check from 1h 02' 50" till 1h 09' 25", thanks for your love!

But I'd like to finish with the words of Grant (McLaughlin?) in The Weekly Crisis:
The wonderful world that G. Willow Wilson and David Lopez have created is the perfect combination of Victorian sensibilities, steampunk style, and magical imagination, and the story they're telling is timeless.  I hope they collect this book in trade, because more people should have the chance to read this story.

And with this video "review"... I love people.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reviews New Mutants #33

I love Jason Pearson's art... he's GREAT!
My first issue with the mutants I grew with.

Here the reviews:

An echo of the whole thing in Ui Ar de Japis, in Spanish, of course.

Bad ones (my part) in Geekadelphia, Comic Attack.

A better one at
David Lopez’s pencils are great!  It’s hard to work with a comic so lacking in action sequences, but he made this talky issue work.  His line work is clean and crisp.  His facial expressions are emotive.  His style reminds me of early Carlos Pacheco and even more of Mike McKone, both of whom are favorites of mine.

Multiversity Comics:
And then there’s the art; the wonderful, wonderful art.
And after that they compare me to Quitely... thank you, very much, but he's still a huge master and I'm... well, not.

David Lopez (of Fallen Angel and Hawkeye/Mockingbird fame) is the latest in a great string of artists to work on the book. He has taken great care to find an individual body type (and language), face design and fashion sense for each character and provides and it adds a great layer of quality in this issue that is so focused on the characters and their interactions.

The Guide likes it too and in X-Man's Comic Blog they're more than happy.

At Comics Vanguard they liked it but in a milder way... but at My Latest Distraction they are more effusive.

Good words from Comics Nexus/ Inside Pulse and House to Astonish too.

Four out of five in CBR:
The art team of David López, Álvaro López and Val Staples provide a story that is wide open when it needs to be and filled with details as necessary. López and López provided some great art on “Hawkeye & Mockingbird” and drew my attention there.