Reviews: Mystic #4

The last issue, it's sad, but I'm SO proud of how it finally looked like. A big thank you to all the team!
G.Willow Wilson: Script.
Álvaro López: Inks.
Nathan Fairbairn: Colors.
Jared K. Fletcher: Letters.
Amanda Conner: Covers.
Jeanine Schaeffer: Editor.

and a special thank you for Jody Lehup: Assistant Editor.

Comics! the Blog, and Chasing Sheep write about all four issues.

In Playback: stl they liked the art quite much as they say in ACB.

Bretzke at PDX Comic Geek complains because it was a too short run, like in Comic Hero News.

Patrick Shand says I'm "an absolute kick-ass artist", thank you.

A cool one too from Read/RANT:
David and Alvaro Lopez are turning in fantastic work on this title, creating distinct characters, elaborate fashions and an ornate, lovely fantasy setting.  Colorist Nathan Fairbairn is also doing an exceptional job, his soft color palate giving the book a unique, memorable look.

And a curious podcast here, check from 1h 02' 50" till 1h 09' 25", thanks for your love!

But I'd like to finish with the words of Grant (McLaughlin?) in The Weekly Crisis:
The wonderful world that G. Willow Wilson and David Lopez have created is the perfect combination of Victorian sensibilities, steampunk style, and magical imagination, and the story they're telling is timeless.  I hope they collect this book in trade, because more people should have the chance to read this story.

And with this video "review"... I love people.