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Looks like this is having a great welcome, I hope it translates into great numbers, I fear that next Wednesday in the huge DC month all other books will be hurt.

A.V. Club
The true star of Mystic is penciler David López, who turns in the best work of his career with his impeccably detailed renderings of Hyperion and its inhabitants.

Covers to Sleep Under
As a whole, I loved this first issue.  Who’s the colorist on this—Nathan Fairbairn?  I’m unfamiliar with him, but he deserves a major nod—the colors on this book are FANTASTIC.  Wow—just excellent stuff.  Really gives life to Lopez’s pencils.  It kind of reminds me of something out of a Disney movie—it feels like these characters can just leap off the page any minute and start singing a musical number about their hardships.  I don’t know about you, but that’s a plus for me.  Bring on issue #2.

Comic Booked
The art is simply gorgeous, David López is producing panels that look like shots captured from an animated movie. It is rare that the interior art should outstrip the inviting cover work, but open this book to its first page and the reader is sure to be blown away by how detailed, colourful and beautiful the magical steampunk universe of Mystic is.

All in all, I really liked this book. I hope it finds its hands into the sort of readers that would probably like it the most.

Comic Book Therapy
The art team of David and Alvaro Lopez give us a colorful, animated look to the book that really add to the magical feel of the world. there is also a wonderful expressiveness to the characters , especially the girls.

Comic Buzz
Mystic features great art by David Lopez. There’s lots of fine detail in his depictions of Hyperion that further build the world but it’s his character design that really shines.

Evil Squirrel Comics
The artistic team of David Lopez, Alvaro Lopez and Nathan Fairbairn do a spectacular job bringing the world of Hyperion to life in a vibrant way, giving the city a pulse and magic of its own.

Comic Related
It's an exceedingly simple story, but Wilson makes it work. Also on their A-game is Mystic's art team, David and Alvaro Lopez with Nathan Fairbairn on colors. The book is softly colored and cartoonish, lending it a bright, distinctive look. The characters are fantastically designed and exceedingly well-illustrated - just look at the facial expressions of Genevieve and Giselle on that final panel. Mystic is a very, very pretty book.

The Mondo Comics
The main characters are fun and well-developed, the story is compelling and I can’t wait to see where it goes. David and Álvaro López do a wonderful job with the artwork, I recommend anyone look at the faces the characters make throughout the books and note how expressive and fun they are. Plus there are robot dogs!

The Outhouse:
Mystic #1 is a well-constructed first issue of a comic that promises another great modern day fantasy story, with strong characters and a great hook that starts to play out in the last few pages.  What's so remarkable is how much this issue introduces.  There are class issues at play here, as well as a friendship drama and great use of a fanstastical setting that really springs to life.  It's a very lively comic, and hopefully the rest of the story can live up to this strong issue.

Oh, and here an interview with Editor Jeanine Schaefer and writer G. Willow Wilson for MTv Geek.


  1. Thanks for linking to Covers, David! I really enjoyed Mystic and am looking forward to the next issue. Keep up the fantastic work!

    P.S. - I miss your Hawk & Mock.

  2. Hello, Melissa,

    Thank YOU for the nice review. A nice review by someone who loves comics so much is the best one can ask for.

    H&M were fentastic to do but without enough readers... you know.

    I hope you like the rest of Mystic!


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