X23 #6 It's great when things work great

I've been doing some fill-in work while waiting for my new tailor made Marvel project (which I'm really happy to say I've started), I did some pages for X23 #5 and #6.

It's been nice to work with Marjorie M. Liu and the Mutants... Mutants are fantastic. Well, since I was there just for a few pages I couldn't do too much, but fortunately, there's people out there who appreciate it:

"[...] but the real treat here, art-wise, are the pages drawn by David Lopez, best known for his Hawkeye collaborations with Jim McCann. Here he proves himself capable of drawing much more than archers and spies, and his X-23 in particular is a great visual mix of teenage willfulness and the insecurity of a person who was never effectively socialized."
Click here for full review.

Thanks, Jennifer Margret Smith.

Other people didn't like it that much:

"Lopez' art is back this week and just as unappealing and unfitting as last issue."
Full review, here.

Thank you too, Jones Deini, I'll try to do better next time.

You can't make everybody happy.