Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hawkeye and Mockingbird roll!

After some time working in the shadows we can go really public on this; Hawkeye and Mockingbird will be an ongoing series with Jim MacCann at the scripts, it's good news for those of you who like good comic books full of all those things that make Marvel books great.

What are those things? Well let me pick some... it's got high octane action, some of the most charismatic characters there are, emotion, full throttle bike chases, explosions, arrows and staffs... love? There's some of it too... Mean guys? Definitelly. Badassness? SURE!

And all this is getting lots of attention, check all these links:

CBR,, iFanboy, Newsarama, IGN, Digital Spy and even some guys in Spain, Portal and The Exiles... and these are just the first ones on Google!

This is going to be crazy cool... join us.

cover by Paul Renaud.

Oh, I almost forgot! I found this promo video of New Avengers: The Reunion where Jim talks really nice things about me.

Convention Pictures

20/03/2010 Madrid

RootedCON, I went to talk about hackers in comics and it was like the IT crew but in Spanish.

Jokes apart, those guys were fantastic and treated me really well, thank you, guys.

Here's the video.

27/03/2010 Alicante

I was really lucky that Barry Kitson couldn't go there andthey called me, so I had a weekend in a sunny beach eating good food and meeting fantastic people.

Thank you, Unicomic guys!

Here some people I met there, Peter Milligan, Quique Alcatena, Pedro and Pablo.

I talked about comics, my life and the industry for almost two hours, but Peter took longer!

After that, some drawings and signing.

This lucky guy got a nice Tygra, I'm starting to love that girl... she's furry and hot.

The light in Alicante is something you must see, it's clear, transparent... etheric.

If you can read Spanish and want to read an exhaustive review of what did I say, check Carlos' blog "Gotham News", thank you, Carlos.
And finally, the sea.