More Hawkeye&Mockingbird #01

The summer is here and the heat makes it hard to work, but this book I'm working in is so good that makes it worth.

Here some links I found interesting for different reasons:

This is the digital sketchbook they did at Marvel, very nice piece.

This one is a medical review. One hard thing about comics is that you have to mke everything real, and you need to know lots of stuff to do it, sometimes, unfortunaly, I can't nail the thing, sorry.

Agent of STYLE, a fashion review, they like my work, that is cool.

And these are the the things they say about me in Wizard... thank you, guys...

And last, not least, a fun interview with Jim McCann.


  1. Still early to see some Widow Maker sketches?
    I cannot wait to see your Black Widow!


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