Enter the Heroic Age, Reviews

Here some links to the reviews of this fantastic book where I draw an eight page story with the marvelous writer Jim McCann, the favulous inker Álvaro López and the brilliant colorist Nathan Fairbairn. Some critics are good and some not that good, but I'm very proud of this work.

Enjoy the reviews.

IGN UK (IGN Rating 8.2 "Impressive"):
Just as Dark Reign: New Nation introduced the new Hawkeye/Mockingbird dynamic, Enter the Heroic Age teases the launch of the duo's ongoing series. Jim McCann and David Lopez seem to have lost none of their touch in the last year. This story is a great deal of fun that capturs that same "Mr. and Mrs. Smith of the Marvel Universe" feel the original mini-series did. McCann also does a better job of conveying Hawkeye's emotional transition away from his Ronin persona than Avengers #1 did this week. Unlike some stories in this issue, the Hawkeye & Mockingbird tale has no lasting impact, but sometimes fun is enough.
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Comic Book Resources (4 stars out of 5):
McCann's Hawkeye and Mockingbird story has some pizzazz, and will definitely inspire me to check out the debut of that series, but it's no great shakes.
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Aint it Cool News:
I REALLY want to like The Hawkeye/Mockingbird stories. I do. Romantically involved super-heroes bantering, flirting and kicking ass? Sounds perfect. Maybe it's because I never had much exposure to their relationship pre-Ronin, or maybe it's the writing, but I just wasn't feeling this one. David Lopez's penciling was on-point though, the action scenes were dynamic and easy to follow, the backgrounds weren't lazy...really solid work here, art-wise. I WANT to like this so much that I'm still gonna check out HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD #1 even though the writing didn't capture me this time around.
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Hey, Hawkeye's back.  What will hopefully be a "Hell Yea" in the ongoing title was sort of a "meh" here.  It was a run of the mill 8 page teaser.  story: 2, art: 2 (out of five).
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Comic Attack.net:
Our fourth story starts out in Chinatown with some hoods running for their lives. They are soon confronted by Hawkeye, and find out why he’s the best in the world with a bow. After putting one of the guys out cold, the other dude runs, but is soon met by Mockingbird. She puts him to sleep, and then turns her attention to two more thugs who have joined the party. A helicopter is trying to help the two crooks escape, but Hawkeye uses his acrobatics to get aboard and tell the clown to land or get an arrow in his ugly lid. As Clint is tying up some loose ends, we see Bobby talking to someone. She immediately clams up as soon as  Clint gets within range of hearing. We don’t get any clues as to who she’s talking to, but we do then see the former wedded couple agree to go on a date, then embrace and kiss. All in all, I think it was decent, but I didn’t order this book because my pull list was getting too heavy. I’ll be keeping an eye on Hawkeye and Mockingbird though.  3/5
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Comic Book Movie (4/5):
Fourth, we see something that I’m sure many comic book fans have been anticipating for a long time…Clint Barton back in costume as Hawkeye! Teaming up the character with Mockingbird results in a great dynamic but McCann also pens an action packed, fun tale that features plenty of exciting moments too. Lopez’s art is well suited to the two colourful characters and he handles the aforementioned action scenes perfectly. McCann also manages to add an element of intrigue into the story that has me interested enough to pick up Hawkeye and Mockingbird next month
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Comic Addiction (8 out of 10 On It's way to greatness):
HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD features some ingenious heroics. Jim McCann and the Lopez' bring pure frenetic superhero action. I'll admit to an "Awesome" out loud as I was reading it.
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Comics Bulletin (5/5): 
Let me explain what's wrong with DC comics. No, besides Barbara Gordon being crippled and Zatanna and Wonder Woman now being bitches of the lowest order. Jim McCann writes Hawkeye & Mockingbird the way Green Arrow and Black Canary should have been written. McCann makes Hawkeye's and Mockingbird's partnership fun and sexy. Now part of the credit belongs to the Lopezes, David and Alvaro, for their amazing ability to display smiling superheroes engaging in astoundingly energetic acrobatics, on a motorcycle yet, but McCann leaves all the baggage foisted on the characters by other writers behind and concentrates on the now. This is Hawkeye and Mockingbird dating, beating the stuffing out of bad guys and loving it. Now, this is something I want to try.
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