This Saturday (March 20th) I'll go to Madrid to give a conference called "Hackers, closed in the panel" about the image of hackers in comic books, I invite you all to go, check it here.

One really close friend of mine who is into this crazy thing asked me for a chat and a drawing for the con. Yes, he con me... there's no worse costumers than friends...

At this very last minute I'm still trying to find out what to tell to five hundred hackers that will break into my email and spoil me up, but the story began weeks ago, when I had to do three sketches before approval. This guy is tough, but I love him like that.

What was bad news for me is good news for the fans of my sketchbook, enjoy:

Rejected: too much Lisbeth Salander.

Rejected: dresses like a bitch!

Approved: she's so cute...