Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mockingbird exists!

A cool thing about the internet is that everybody can reach everybody. A few weeks ago I got notice of this girl cosplaying Mockingbird, in the suit I redesigned, it has made me really happy in a very childish way.

What would be of this thing I work in without the people who really enjoy it? It's all for them.

Here a link to her twitter and a couple of pictures.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Story of a cover

Dolmen is a Spanish comic-book magazine that has made me an interview for its next issue, it will appear at the same time as the Spanish edition of New Avengers: The Reunion and I wanted to highlight that making them a cover with Ronin and Mockingbird, here the story from the sketches to the final version.

First, a rough sketch, something tiny to focus the idea of what you want. In the beginning I didn't have clear what to do, so I asked Jim MacCann for an idea, his is the idea of seeing them trough a sniper riffle.

Once I knew what to do, another sketch, to have a clear image of the characters.

Then see if it works...

And then I can go for a final sketch.

I didn't like Ronin's pose so I repeated it.

Final pencils.

At this moment I did this marker sketch to see the volumes and not getting lost while coloring. It's nothing I use to do, but I already told you about my new toys...

Inked cover, see that Ronin's sword is behind Mockingbird now, it was too artificial.

Colored version, it looks better with the crosshairs.

Final version with the logo and everything... It looked good, but I wanted more. I don't use to do this, but I felt there was need for a change, Mockingbird wasn't working as I wanted, too artificial too.

I printed the lineart in blue and redrew her arm, something more martial.

A little bit of computer magic...

And the cover is final and OK and don't touch it anymore!

Jordi Beltrán does New York

This is a fanzine I've done for my travel to the U.S., why? Because I had some time off and I wanted to remember the times I did this kind of stuff... all for free!

You can check it now, here.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Marker Drawings, final

Finally I got an use for my marker sketches, they'll appear at Dolmen, comics magazine in Spain, here all of them together, enjoy them!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Finally, one Superman sketch I'm happy with! The Kryptonian is the hardest super hero to draw, capturing all the character into one image is always hard.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fallen Angel

It's been long since my last serious drawing of the Fallen Angel, people at signings still ask me for drawings of hers!