Historias en Moleskine

Soy un fan de las libretas Moleskine, son preciosas y muy inspiradoras. Durante este verano, en una época de descanso mental total hice historias en bitono con rotuladores Tombo y sin guión, sólo con ganas de hacer historias. Aquí mi favorita, una pequeña cápsula narrativa, con Ana, la protagonista de Espiral, claro.

I'm a big fan of the Moleskine notebooks, they are really beautiful and very inspiring. Through this summer, in a time of mental holiday, I did stories in duotone using Tombo crayons and with no script, just wanting to do stories. Here my favourite one, a little narrative capsule, with Ana, the main character of Espiral, of course.

1. It's seven in the afternoon, looks like the heat will never loosen.
2. The parked cars reflect the fire that falls from the sky.

1. Humidity... I've been sweating all day long, at the office the air didn't work...
2. Pollution, or haze... or whatever, darkening the horizon, can't distinguish anything.

1. In summer the city seems like a ghost.
2. A ghost with with wet blankets.

1. I just can think of my shower; clean water.
2. I've been at work so many time that I'm still plugged.

1. Mmm... a cold beer?
2. Don't feel like it, I don't have the day...

1. Last puff... no smoking...
2. When did we loose liberty?

1. My little rebellion.
2. Yes smoking in the subway.

1. Hot air, breathed a thousand times... tastes like subway and people...
2. It can't be good... isn't this prohibited?

2. Fucking perfect.

1. Extinguished cigarette.
2. Alicia.

2. Hello, beautiful.

1. Hey, Ana!
2. What are you doing?
What am I doing..?

1. Missing Jordi (her loved ex boyfriend).